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Some of these are a little old. But most of it is still relatively applicable.

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The Efficiency Rating (EFF) is a rating of the individual player's productivity while on the court. The formula for this calculation is:

(Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks - (Field Goals Missed) - (Free Throws Missed) - Turnovers) / Games Played

The number value assigned is rounded to the nearest hundredth (xx.xx)
The eFG% is the effective field goal percentage for each of your players. This category gives a shooting percentage, which weights three point field goals more highly than traditional two point field goals. The calculation for this is:

((1.5 x number of 3pt fg made) + number of 2pt fg made) / total fg attempted

Even though a little bit of this is slightly out-dated (for example, URL pointing to the old domain instead of the new, old support email address, etc.) this user guide to the iPhone/iPad app may help:

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