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Some of these are a little old. But most of it is still relatively applicable.

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Becoming a beta tester of the stat entry apps helps us a lot, to help ensure any changes and improvements work, and won't cause problems for other users. We don't have beta versions running all the time, but when we do, we greatly appreciate your help!

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The Efficiency Rating (EFF) is a rating of the individual player's productivity while on the court. The formula for this calculation is:

(Points + Rebounds + Assists + Steals + Blocks - (Field Goals Missed) - (Free Throws Missed) - Turnovers) / Games Played

The number value assigned is rounded to the nearest hundredth (xx.xx)
The eFG% is the effective field goal percentage for each of your players. This category gives a shooting percentage, which weights three point field goals more highly than traditional two point field goals. The calculation for this is:

((1.5 x number of 3pt fg made) + number of 2pt fg made) / total fg attempted

We often get asked, how do I start the clock?

DS Basketball does not have a 'running clock' option. We know a lot of users request it, but in our testing, it ends up causing more problems than it solves.

Instead, you update it manually, when you have a chance in between all the action on the floor. Simply tap the clock in the scoreboard, and enter the updated time left.

However, you really only need to update it before substitutions (so the Minutes on Court stat is correct) and when switching periods (quarters/halves). Outside of those events, updating the clock is nice for fans following along with the game, but it won't affect stats—except for the events just mentioned.

Even though a little bit of this is slightly out-dated (for example, URL pointing to the old domain instead of the new, old support email address, etc.) this user guide to the iPhone/iPad app may help:

User Guide (iPhone/iPad app)

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