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Stat tracking & reporting for coaches. Live play-by-play for fans.

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For Coaches and Statisticians

  • Track game stats live from your mobile device
  • Access in-depth player and team reports
  • Eliminate time inputting game stats after games
  • Live access to stats and play-by-play for media and parents

For Parents and Fans

  • Receive emails after games with the box score summary
  • Player profiles help you follow along throughout the season

For Players

  • Your own player profile
  • Stats for all your seasons in one place
  • Customize your player profile (coming soon)


  • Alicia Dover September 9, 2014
    Great app! I've been using this app for a couple of years and it just keeps getting better...
  • Sean Murphy October 10, 2013
    ... I have been using this app since the season started and must say I really enjoy it. Works great. Keeps getting updated and the support is fantastic. ... I am recommending this app left and right to fellow coaches and parents. If you haven't downloaded it already, do so now.
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New owners! August 2017

Digital Scout has changed a few times over the years. One of the engineers that has been running the main live product since 2012 has recently acquired the company from the last owner. You can expect the same level of service and reliability you have always seen, since the current team is made up of the same group who ran the day-to-day on the product before anyway. It is true that we will be changing some things. But don't worry—we hope you'll like all of these changes.

For example, we're re-enabling some much requested features:

  • Recreational and other non-high school teams (semi-pro, college, etc.) may be created once again!
  • Player Profiles will be back! (coming soon)
  • For simplification, we're renaming the product back to just "Digital Scout"

And we're planning on adding some new features:

  • A mobile fan app is being developed
    • will make it easier to find your favorite teams with location searches
    • better view of box scores and the live play-by-play on your mobile device
    • will notify you when your favorite players start a game or make big plays
    • maps to the event (when provided by the coaching staff of the event)
  • Finally add play editing to the Android football stat entry app (coming soon)
  • And whatever other cool features you all help us decide on

Some of these will be paid services, so we can pay for server costs. We only plan to charge for upgraded player profiles (just like we did before) and for following live box scores and play-by-play for recreational teams—following along live with high school games will continue to be free. But all the current features for coaches and statisticians will continue to be free and we plan to keep it that way.

Feel free to drop us a message and let us know what you think of these changes, or what other feature ideas you might have. We'd love to hear from you!

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Digital Scout has been in business since 1995 The product has changed ownership a few times over the years, but the current team has been running it since 2012, and took ownership of it in 2017. Digital Scout helps 60% of all US high schools and countless recreational, semi-pro, college, and youth teams.

Created by coaches for coaches, our easy to use mobile stat tracking apps and programs allow users to collect play-by-play action, which will automatically calculate statistics instantly, track performances, and analyze opponents and tendencies at any time during or after the game.

Further fans, parents, and media may follow along with the game live, following the play-by-place, charting (drive chart, hit chart, shot chart, etc. for the different sports), and live, up-to-date statistics after each and every play and event that happens in the game, as it happens.

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