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Account management

Accounts vary depending on your role. Go to the signup page and follow the prompts there to create an account based on your role.
There are several ways to get to the login page:
  • Go directly to the Dashboard which will take you to the login page if you're not already logged in.
  • Go to the public stats web site at and click the "Coach Dashboard" icon in the top right of any page there.
  • Go to the main Digital Scout site at and click the "Coach Login" link in the top right of any page there.

Once at the login, enter the e-mail address and password you used when signing up with Digital Scout.

Note: Accounts from the very old PC Statware or "My Digital Scout" products from before 2012 will not work with the current live Digital Scout product. In this case, create a new account.

  1. Log in to the Dashboard as usual
  2. Click on your email address in top right (or for mobile, the "hamburger" menu, the three horizontal lines stacked on each other)
  3. Select Account
  4. Edit the appropriate fields and click the corresponding green button to save your changes.
You may reset your password at any time by following the below procedure:
  1. Go directly to the Dashboard which will take you to the login page if you're not already logged in.
  2. Click the Forgot password? link below the Login button.
  3. Enter the email address that you used when creating your Digital Scout account.
  4. Click "Submit".
  5. An email will be sent to that email address with a link to click to reset your password.
  6. Find that email in your inbox or spam folder, and click the link.
  7. Enter a new password, and confirm it by typing it again in the second field.
  8. Click the "Reset Password" button to set this new password on your account.
  9. You will be taken to the login page where you can enter your email address and this new password to login to your account.

Having trouble finding the reset password email in your inbox? See the email troubleshooting help topic.

Currently, the email address is directly tied to your account. It can not be changed.

However, stats are shared to every users attached to the team. If you create a new account and attach to your current team then you can effectively accomplish the switch:

For high school teams:

  1. Create a new account
  2. Verify it by clicking on the link sent to your new email address
  3. Register your current team on the new account
  4. Log back into the Dashboard, you'll see all your old stats and games still there.
  5. Once you are sure everything transferred correctly, you may remove your old account form the Team Users page.

The only thing you lose in the transition is the ability to edit play-by-play for old games you recorded in the app. But you can still use Quick Entry to modify or add to any older games.

Having trouble receiving emails from the Digital Scout system? Check the following list for some common problems and solutions:
  • Give the email anywhere from a few minutes to maybe 15 to arrive. Digital Scout sends the email within seconds, but some receiving mail providers delay delivery into your inbox for several minutes as a security precaution.
  • Have you checked your spam or junk mail folder yet?
  • Have you reported any Digital Scout emails as spam, or used the unsubscribe link in any email from Digital Scout?
    If so, our mail system is respecting your wishes and not sending you the email. But it looks like, if you are reading this, you may want to start receiving them again?
    If so, contact support (from the email address in question) and ask to have your email address removed from the unsubscribe list. And let us know what you were trying to do; for example, if resetting a password or getting a verification email, we can resend those emails for you once we have fixed your account so that you can get back into the flow as soon as possible.
  • Still can't figure it out? Contact