Support — Dashboard

Team, schedule, and roster management and reporting

Once a team is in your account, you may manage stats, schedules, and rosters, and you may also view reports of the stats you entered for that team.

You may attach to one * high school team. Or you may create any number of recreation and other non-high school teams. When you are creating or attaching to a team, a brief description there describes the differences between the two.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. Use the top navigation menu (the black bar, or click the icon of the three horizontal lines if on a mobile or small screen device), select Teams and Register Team .
    Note: If this is your first team, you will automically be taken to the Create Team page automatically, without this step.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to attach to or create a team.
  4. Once created, you may invite other users to join the team. Enter any email addresses in the appropriate areas.
    If you don't want to add them now, you may return to the Team Users page at any time by going to your team dashboard, and using the Settings (gear icon on mobile devices) and selecting the Team Users navigation item.
  5. Enter your team schedule and roster as soon as they are available. Additionally, enter opponent rosters for each game if available.
  6. At this point, you may install and login to the stat entry mobile/tablet app, sync down your team, schedule, and players, and start recording stats!

For high school teams:

Our support staff attempts to keep all US high school team information up to date. But sometimes that info changes. Here's where we can use your help. If you notice that a high school appears with the wrong name, abbreviation, logo, mascot, address, or twitter feed, please send an email to support. Please provide as much information as possible:

  1. Name
  2. Abbreviation (2-4 characters)
  3. Logo
  4. Mascot
  5. Address
  6. twitter URL
  7. web site URL

For recreational and other non-high school teams:

You may update rec team information at any time.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. Use the team navigation menu (the silver horizontal bar just under the main top black one), select Settings (the gear icon on mobile devices) and select Edit Team Details navigation item.
  3. Update the necessary team information and click the "Update" button.

Note: Some of the stat entry apps let you edit rec team information, however they do not always work or save completely correctly. It is highly recommended to use the Dashboard, as described here, instead.

For high school teams

You may add and remove users to help you manage your high school team at any time.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. Select the team you wish to modify.
  3. Select the Settings (gear icon on mobile devices) navigation menu, and select Team Users.
  4. Add or remove users from their appropriate roles as necessary.
  5. Removing them will instantly remove them from this team.
    Inviting them will send an email to that email address inviting them to join the team. Once they have clicked the link in that invite email (and created their account if necessary) then they will also have access to this team.

For recreational and other non-high school teams

Rec teams may only ever have one user for the team, you. You can not add additional users.

If you wish to remove a rec team from your account follow these steps. But keep in mind that after you remove yourself from the team, no one will be able to ever modify any stats or data on that team. This may get tricky if recorded any stats on behalf of that rec team instead of your own.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. Select the team you wish to remove.
  3. Select the Settings (gear icon on mobile devices) navigation menu, and select Remove From My Teams.
  4. Removing them will instantly remove the team from your account. You will not be able to reconnect or manage stats for this team ever again!


You may import a Roster for your team or an opponent team from a CSV file or from a copy & paste from Excel, various web sites, or other similar tabular formats.

The first row can be a header row including the column names. Columns can include jersey number, first name, last name, primary position, secondary position, and a parent email address. First and last names and primary and secondary positions must be in separate columns.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. To upload a roster for one of your teams
    1. Select the team you wish to modify, and go to the Roster (the "user" silhouette icon on mobile devices).
    2. Click the Upload Roster button.
  3. Or to upload a roster for an opponent team instead, follow the instructions in the next section, Opponent roster import, to get to the opponent roster import page, then come back to this section and continue with the steps below.
  4. To upload a CSV file

    Note If you are not sure whether or not the file is saved in the proper format, open the document. Next, click the File menu in the upper navigation menu and choose the Save As... option. Enter any file name, and click the "Save as type" drop-down menu directly below the document name field. Scroll through the list until you find "CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)" file type. Don't forget to remember where you save it, so that you can easily find it for upload later.

    1. If uploading a file, the roster must be saved as a "Comma Separated Value (.csv)" file.
    2. Click/tap the Choose File button.
    3. Locate and select the roster file you just created, by either double-clicking or clicking the Okay button to close the dialog.
    4. Back on the page, click the Upload button.
  5. Or to upload by copy & pasting a roster from a web site or other tabular format
    1. Select (highlight) the roster to upload in Excel, the web site, or wherever.
      It can be from any program or site that copies the data in a tabular format from or similar to Excel.
    2. Copy it into your clipboard.
      Try Ctrl+C (Windows) or Command+C (Mac), Edit🡒Copy, or whatever you normally use for copy & paste.
    3. Back in the Upload Roster page in the Digital Scout Dashboard, put your cursor in the Copy & Paste from Excel box.
    4. Paste the roster into that field.
      Try CtrlV (Windows) or CommandV (Mac), Edit->Past, or whatever you use for copy & paste normally.
    5. After pasting the data into the box, click the Import Paste From Excel button.
  6. Choose the appropriate header for each column using the drop down options (first name, last name, etc.)
  7. Use the Save button to finally import and save the roster.

If the opposing team uses Digital Scout

If the opponent team uses Digital Scout already, and they have entered their roster in for their own team, you do not need to do anything. The roster will appear automatically when you sync your device and open the game. Since some users will not update their roster until just before the start of their first game, you may not see their roster appear until the first few games of the season.

If the opposing team does not use Digital Scout

If the opponent team does not use Digital Scout, you have the ability to enter the roster for their team. There are two ways to do this.

Option 1

Upload an Excel document containing the opponent team roster.

  1. Instead of going to the Roster page, like the normal operation for uploading your own roster, go to the Schedule.
  2. Find the game against an opponent that has not yet uploaded their roster.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of that game, and select Opponent Roster.
  4. Once there, upload the opponent roster just like you would for uploading your own roster.

Option 2

You may enter the opponent team roster into the stat entry app, one player at a time. You should create the game against this team within your account as normal.

  1. After the game has been created, open the app on your device
  2. Go into your Games list and use the sync button (circle arrow icon) near the upper right corner of the screen (iPhone/iPad) or Refresh menu item (Android) to initiate a sync which will pull down any new games to your device.
  3. Find the game against the opponent team for whom you will enter the roster.
  4. For iPhone/iPad: Touch the Green information icon along the right side of the screen for this game. Touch the Roster option next to the opposing team. Edit the Roster like normal. Important! Once finished and you return to the game detail screen, touch the Save option in the upper right corner to save the roster changes.
  5. For Android: Select the game. Tap the edit game menu item (the pencil icon) and tap the Edit Roster button. Edit the opponent roster as normal.

Note You may alternatively add players when editing the Lineup (basketball/volleyball) or when selecting a player for a play (football), which will let you add player(s) to either team roster.

You may merge players together if you notice that you have two or more records for the same player within your roster. This will combine both players' stats into one player.
Important! Before you do this, make absolutely sure that these are the same players! When stats are merged, one of the players will be removed from the system.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. Select the team you wish to modify, and go to the Roster (the user icon on mobile devices).
  3. Find the duplicate players to be merged. Check the box along the left side of the page for each player to be merged.
    Important! You must select two or more, but they must all all be for the same player. If you need to merge multiple groups of different but duplicate players, follow this procedure once for each unique player.
  4. Click/tap the Merge Selected button.
  5. On the Confirmation page, you will see the players' names appear under two separate headings:
    1. Player to Keep indicates the player record that will remain in the program
    2. Player to be Merged indicates the player record that will be transferred into the other record
    Note You may change the player record that you keep. To do this, look under the Player to be Merged heading and use the Keep this player button. The page will reload to reflect the change you have requested.
  6. Review the information on the confirmation screen, making sure that you would like to proceed with the merge
    1. Click Yes, Merge These Players to combine the player records
    2. Click No, Back to Roster to cancel the merge and return to your player roster
  7. When the merge is completed, you will be returned to the roster. You will now see the record for the player that you elected to keep on the roster, and that the duplicate player has been removed

Digital Scout assumes all players participated in a game and gives each player on the roster a Games Played stat for each game in your schedule. (Even if they were added part way through the season.)

However, you may deactivate players from a Game Roster so that the number of Games Played is accurate in the cumulative and player reports for players who did not participate in every game.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. Select the team you wish to modify, and go to the Schedule (the calendar icon on mobile devices).
  3. Click the drop-down arrow along the right side of the page for the game which you need to adjust the active roster.
  4. Select the Game Roster option.
  5. On the new screen, a list of your players will appear, all with check marks next to their name. Uncheck the player(s) who did not participate in the game.
  6. Click the Save button to update your active roster. This will remove the player(s) from participation in the game, and your Cumulative reports will be automatically updated.
If the player was entered into the game in the app though, it assumes that record is correct, which will effectively ignore this setting. To fix this scenario, delete any plays incorrectly entered for that player in the app in which it was recorded. Then set this Active Roster again, to get the player fully removed from the Active Roster for this game. If you continue to have issues after doing this, there's probably a play for the player you missed removing. Contact support and we will help you track it down.


The stat entry mobile/tablet apps are by far the best way to enter stats into Digital Scout. However, if you can't enter every play because you missed the game, are entering historical records from previous seasons, or need to adjust (fix) stats entered live during the game, you may bulk enter stats and scores for any game.

It is highly recommended to enter Quick Entry stats and adjustments after all stat entry app data is completely synchronized with the server. If not, when they later sync up, the Quick Entry you just put in will probably be wrong and you will have to fix them again.

  1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  2. Select the team you wish to modify, and go to the Schedule.
  3. Find the game. Or create the game first, if it is not already in the schedule.
  4. Next to the game you wish to edit, on the far right, click/tap the (down arrow) to show the list of actions you may perform for that game.
  5. Select the Quick Entry action.
  6. You are now on the Quick Entry page. There is lots to do here. There are three tabs: One for your team, one for the opponent team, and one for the box score.
  7. You may jump from tab to tab entering data as appropriate. Changes will not be saved until you click/tap the "Save" button.
    1. Select your team, the opponent team or the box score tab—whichever you want to edit
    2. On the team tabs, find and click on the player for which you need to adjust stats
    3. The player name and stat categories will appear to the right of the roster list. For most stats, you may click/tap the up and down arrows to add or remove stats for this player, or click/tap on a text box and type in the appropriate number for that specific stat category.
    4. Repeat the last two steps for all the players you need to adjust.
    5. Note The "Team" player is for stat categories that are not attributed to individual players (for some sports) or for stats in which you know they occurred but are unsure as to which player to attribute them. The latter is often used for opponent stats or for historical games where stats were not tracked at the individual player level.
    6. The box score is edited similarly, using the up/down buttons are entering directly into the text field.
      Note The box score tab is also where you may edit the current period (quarter, match, etc.) of a live game, and edit the game status—if the game is In Progress (live), Complete, Delayed, etc.
  8. Once you are finished making changes, click the Save button to save all your changes.
  9. Important! Depending on how many changes you are making, it may take awhile to enter all the data. Your draft of changes are saved in the background, but we highly recommend you Save your changes periodically as you go. (But if you do, please do not use the back button in your browser. Instead, to return to the Quick Entry page after Saving, click/tap the Quick Entry action from the Schedule page again—to make extra sure all of your changes reload successfully.)
  10. Once saved, the changes will be reflected immediately on all box scores and reports.

Digital Scout allows users from different schools and teams to track stats for both their own and opponent teams. Stat reports for a game are also sent to our servers from multiple combinations of devices and sources. The most common combinations and results are described below.

Scenario 1
You track stats for a game between your team and another team. The opponent team does not track stats for their team using our program.
Result: Your stats are official for both teams on the public box score, and your stat reports display the information that you record for the game.
Scenario 2
Your opponent team tracks stats for the game but you do not.
Result: Since you have not recorded stats for the game, your opponent's stats are considered official for the public box score. Since you did not record stats, you will not have access to private stat reports. You may later add your own stat report for the game if you wish to correct the public score, or to create detailed stat reports for your team.
Scenario 3
You track stats for a game between your team and an opponent team. The opponent team also tracks stats for their team using the program.
Result: Your reports will display only the stats that you record while using the program. Your opponent team will only have access to the stats that they record for the game as well. The public box score will display a combination of stats—your stats are official for your team, while the opponent team's stats are official for their team.
Scenario 4
You track stats for a game between your team and an opponent team. Prior to syncing your stats up to the server, a Digital Scout administrator or state association official adds scores or stats for your game/match/contest.
Result: A combination of stats and scores will be displayed in the public box score for the game. Your reports will display only the stats that you record while using the program.
Scenario 5
You track stats for a single game on two different devices—partial or full stats.
Result: Stats from both devices will be combined together and will show on your reports, and for your team on the public box score. Opponent team stats will be displayed as outlined in Scenario 1 or Scenario 3. Play-by-play or scoring summaries may be off a little though; please make sure the current period and times are as up-to-date as possible to keep the play-by-play correct.

Note If you have additional questions or notice an issue with the stats on your reports or public box score, please send us a detailed email to support and we will investigate the game in question.

You email stats from within the app or the website.

From the stat entry mobile/table app—requires a network connection

  1. Open the app on your mobile/table device
  2. Select your team if not the current one.
  3. (iPhone/iPad only) Select the Games icon on the left navigation menu
  4. Select the applicable game.
  5. (iPhone/iPad only) Tap the "Stats" option at the top of the screen
  6. (Android only) On small screen devices, first select the menu icon, the three verical dots in the top right of the screen
  7. Tap the "Email" button (iOS) or the "Share" (arrow sweeping up and to the right) button (Android) in the top right of the screen
  8. Enter an email address to send the box score

From the Dashboard

  • Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
  • Select the team.
  • Select the Schedule (calendar icon on mobile devices) navigation menu.
  • Select the Box Score button next to the appropriate game. Depending on the state of the game, you may need to instead select the Box Score button from the drop-down menu for that game.
  • Click/tap the Email button
  • Enter an email address to send the box score to that address
  • Note If you having trouble with the Email button, you can always use the standard print feature of your browser. And, in Chrome and a few other browsers or when Adobe Acrobot is installed, when the print dialog appears, change the Destination to "Save as PDF" (or similar). By clicking Save, a file will be saved to your computer and then emailed as an attachment to anyone you would like.


    1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
    2. Select the team you wish to modify, and go to the Schedule.
    3. Click the Create Game button near the upper right corner of the schedule.
    4. Enter the game details:

      1. Choose whether your team will be the Home Team or the Away Team.
      2. Select the type of game—Scrimmage, Regular Season, Post Season, or Tournament.
      3. Choose the date and time for your contest. Click the Date text box and a calendar will appear. Choose the appropriate date. Then use the Hour and Minute slide features to select the start time for your contest. Click the Done option to save your date and time, or click anywhere on the screen and your date selection will be kept.
      4. Select the time zone where the game will be played—and accordingly the time you selected in the last step)
        If the default time zone is wrong for your school, let support know.
      5. Click the Choose Opponent button below and to the right of the form.
    5. Opponent teams are organized for you in different ways. See the descriptions below.
      If at any time you need to go back in the opponent selection process, click the Back button. If you click the Details button it will return all the way back to the Details view and you will have to start the opponent selection process from the beginning.

      Only available if your team is already in a conference. Choose from the list of teams within your conference.
      If your team is not yet put in a conference in the system, but should be, or is in the wrong one due to recent conference changes, contact support with the pertinent details.
      Within your State
      Only available for high school teams. First filter by the first letter of the school name. Then select the school, and then finally the team within the school. For example, "Worthington Eagles Varsity 2017".
      If your team is playing against another level, for example, your Varsity is playing an opponent's JV team, select "Other team levels..." instead, where it will list team levels that do not match your own.
      "Search by state"
      The same as searching within your state, but lets you pick a different state to start searching through first.
      "Select from my teams" (or just the default for all recreational/non-high school teams)
      Lists all teams on your account, regardless of any other filters. It lists teams of other levels, other conferences, recreational teams, and any other team attached to your account in any way.
      "Create new opponent" or "I'm playing a non-HS team"
      Takes you to the Register Team page to allow you to create a recreational (or non-high school) team, so you can go back to the opponent selector and select this new opponent you just created.

      Once you have finished selecting the team, the Review button will highlight blue and be enabled to allow you continue with the create game process.

      If the Review button stays disabled (faded out), that means you have not gone all the way through the opponent selector yet—you have not yet selected an actual team. The most common reason is that you selected a school, but have not yet picked the team within the school. For example, selecting "Worthington Eagles" but not yet clicking "Worthington Eagles Varsity 2017".
      You will know you have picked a team when the gray buttons disappear, the selected team is shown in a little blue box in their place, and the Review button is enabled.

    6. On the confirmation screen, click Save Game to create this game.
      Or click Back to Opponents to instead make changes to the contest or select a different opponent.
    7. Once you have created the game, it will appear on the Schedule. Repeat this process for all of the contests/games/matches on your schedule for the current year (season).

    Additional notes for high schools

    All high school teams in our database are eligible for participation in games. If you try to create a game but do not see your Opponent team listed, please contact our support team by emailing support . Provide us with the opponent team name, mascot, logo, web site, conference, and the address where the school is located (or as much as you can tell us from that list) and we will make sure to add the team to the database.

    Additional notes for recreational (or other non-high school) teams

    Follow the same procedure as above, but the selections will only show other recreational teams you have created. If you need to play an opponent that is not in the list, select Register Team from the top navigation Teams menu to create a recreational (non-high school) team first, then come back here to create a game versus that new opponent you just created.

    Important! If you log into your account and one or more games are already on your schedule, do not delete the game. This means either your opponent for this game uses the program or a third-party association has provided us with schedules already, and the game(s) have already been created for you.

    You may use these same games to track stats for your team within the program. All stats that you track for this game will be stored with your account, and all stats that the opponent tracks for the game will be kept separate.

    Digital Scout allows you to send updates for your games through various social media platforms. However, what is shared, how to share, or how automated it is, varies from platform to platform:

    For iPhone/iPad

    Automatic shares (Twitter only)

    The stat entry app lets you login with your team's social media account to send updates for all plays manually or select types of plays automatically based on the sport and which types you enable. To enable the use of this auto-posting feature:

    1. Open the app on your device and select the Settings tab
    2. If not already selected, tap the Account tab at the bottom of the Settings menu
    3. Select the social media platform you wish to login/adjust
    4. Login with your team's social media account username (usually an email address) and password—these are sent directly to the social media site; neither the app nor the Digital Scout servers will ever see or know this password
    5. After authorizing your device, select which kinds of automatic updates you want sent for you, immediately after they happen
    Manual shares

    In addition to automatic updates, you may send out posts for specific plays from within the app. On any game detail view that shows plays, each play will have it's own "Sharing" button along the right side of the play description. (A little gray arrow pointing up and to the right.) Tap this icon for the play you want to share, to pull up the social media sharing options.

    You may select any of the integrated social media platforms you have setup above. Or, if you select Other in the social media sharing list, you may send the play to any app that can accept a simple "Share" with some text and a URL. This includes most social media apps, email, and lots of other internet-connected apps.

    Note: You may use this "Other" selection to manually send the play to the Facebook app if you have it installed on your device… However, the Facebook app will only accept the URL link to the public game page. It will not allow our app to fill in any play description into the post for you. (Sorry, that is Facebook's policy, not ours.) You will have to type in the body of the post yourself. However, it will still link back to the public game page for your fans to be able to follow along. We recommend doing this once at the beginning of every game, assuming you would like your Facebook followers to see a link to the game on your team Facebook page.
    Don't forget to ensure your Facebook app is logged into your team's account, not your private account, and that the public share permissions for the post are enabled.

    For Android

    Automatic shares

    Unfortunetly, Android does not yet have an automatic social sharing system from the app. It is coming though…

    Manual shares

    The Android app can pre-fill a Share action with a link to the public game box score:

    1. Open the app on your Android device
    2. Go to any game
    3. Use the Share menu action (the icon looks like three connected dots in a triangle, which is the standard social "share" icon in Android)
    4. Select an app on your device: an email app, twitter, Facebook, or any app that can handle a simple URL

    Note: The Facebook app doesn't like to use any text we provide them. Instead, you will have to write in the body of the Facebook post yourself. But it will still link to the public game page for you so that your fans may follow along with the game live.

    Important! Use the ability to delete a game carefully—deleting a game in the Dashboard or app will also remove the game from your mobile device and your opponent's schedule too.

    1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
    2. Select your team and go to the Schedule (calendar icon on mobile).
    3. Make sure you are on the correct season.
    4. Use the drop-down arrow to the right of the game to select the Delete Game menu action.

    Warning Deleting a game online will remove the game from your account permanently. You may continue to see the game on your mobile device even after you perform a sync attempt. If you sync and the game does not disappear from the app, contact support.

    Note If your opponent team uses the program and has synced game information from their device to the web, you will not be able to delete the game. Contact support who will review the game and situation, and will remove it if possible.

    The system does not yet have a formal Forfeit status.

    Instead, we recommend you use Quick Entry to set the game to a Completed status and enter Final Scores Only with just a few points on the appropriate team to get credit for the win.


    All reports can be found within your account on the Digital Scout Dashboard.

    How do I display a report?

    1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
    2. Select the team you wish to modify.
    3. Select the Reports (book icon on mobile devices) navigation menu.
    4. Select the report you wish to view.
    5. Most reports have a ? button that can be highlighted/clicked/tapped to display more information about the report, what it means, and how to use it.

    What if a game is not showing on a report?
    What if I only want to report on some games?

    There is a Game Filter button on most reports. It is automatically filled with the games from the currently selected season, and the appopriate games are selected. The Game Filter will only show Completed games. (Make sure to use the End Game button in the app or use the Finalize Game option on the appropriate game in the Dashboard Schedule, to Complete a game.)

    Scrimmage games are not totaled in the stat calculations automatically. (Unless the current season has no other Completed regular or post-season games yet.) However, you can use the Game Filter button to select scrimmages that were automatically skipped initially.

    You may also use the Game Filter picker to remove games from a report, for example post-season games.

    Digital Scout will generate a career report for your players for any games that you have recorded and Completed. In order to run an accurate career report for your players, you will need to merge the players from older seasons together with the matching players in the newer season.

    1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
    2. Select the team you wish to modify.
    3. Make sure you are on the newest season for whichever players you want to merge.
    4. Select the Reports (book icon on mobile devices) navigation menu.
    5. Select the Player Career option.
    6. Select the Merge Players button in the top right of the report.
    7. Click/tap the "Select a source season" drop-down on the left side of the page.
    8. Select any older season that has one or more players to be merged with this season's players. The selected roster will show.
    9. In the left column, select a player you need to merge. Find and select the matching player from the right column (your current season's roster). An Add Match button will appear below the two lists.
      Important! Click "Add Match" button to add the player to the merge process. If you move on without clicking this button, the match will be lost and you will have to match them up again.
    10. Repeat the last step for all the remaining players you need to merge together between these two seasons (that have not already been merged together).
    11. Click the button next to any incorrect match in the list of matches at the bottom of the page to remove the match so that you may rematch those two players correctly.
    12. Important! Player merges can not be undone! Double-check that all players are matched correctly before continuing.
    13. When you are satisfied with the list of matches below the two columns, click the Save button in the lower right corner.
    14. The system will start merging the stats and records for all the players that you matched by clicking on "Add Match". The process will happen in the background and may take a minute or two. You will not receive any notification when the process is complete, but it usually does not take too long.
    15. After the merge completes in the background, you may return to the Player Career report as normal and now the matched players will have all the matched seasons shown for them.
      If they still do not show after awhile, contact support if it seems stuck or broken.

    There are several options for how to report your box score statistics to the media, parents, and your fans:

    1. Use social media.
    2. Email the box score yourself from the app or the Dashboard report online.
    3. Have the system send out box score emails automatically:
      Go to your Roster in the Dashboard, edit any player, and add the emails as "parent emails". It does not matter if they are a parent or not, and it can be placed on any player on the team. The system will automatically email out a box score and a link to the full box on the public site after the game has ended. (The game must have been marked Completed on the server for this to trigger. In other words, you have used "End Game" in the app or online, and all data has been synchronized with the server.)
    4. Share a link with anyone to your public team or game page:
      • This is essentially what the social media sharing options in the apps do (plus a few other goodies).
      • Or go to your Dashboard team home page and find the "Public Team Page" link. Click on that link, copy it (the URL in your browser), and give them that link so they can follow your team all season.
      • Or go to your Schedule in your Dashboard, click on the menu drop-down arrow on the right of any game, and select the "Public View" item. Copy the link (URL) it takes you to and give that link to anyone you would like. When they go to that link it will take them directly to the public view of the game you selected.

    Whichever version you want to use is up to you. They each have their own pros and cons depending on what your goal and style preference is.

    An export of your stats to a MaxPreps or Hudl upload file is available after your game is In Progress or Complete.

    1. Go to the Dashboard. Login if necessary.
    2. Select the team you wish to modify.
    3. Select the Reports (book icon on mobile devices) navigation menu.
    4. Hover over the appropriate MaxPreps or Hudl option and select the appropriate game.

      Note: If you don't see the game, you must Complete it first by using the End Game button in the app or using the Finalize Game option on the appropriate game in the Dashboard Schedule for the team.

    5. This will initiate a file download on your computer. Use this .txt (MaxPreps stats) or .csv (Hudl play list) file to import stats into the appropriate site.