We have been using Digital Scout Football for three seasons now. The program works great! We use an iPad on the sideline during games and love the large touchscreen. If a mistake is made while entering a play, the edit feature allows for on-the-spot corrections. Coaches are amazed with the detailed summary of game stats available during and after the game. In addition, the app automatically sends a live, play-by-play feed to Facebook and Twitter that our fans love following during the game. The Digital Scout support is incredible. Just email a question or need and the reply is near immediate and actions requested are completed in less than an hour. Digital Scout is a must have.

Bill McIlwee, Varsity Football Statistician Eureka High School, Eureka, MO

Digital Scout is simple, convenient, and precise. It is a great resource for our team.

Ed Terwilliger, Head Varsity Football Coach Olentangy High School, Columbus, Ohio

Digital Scout has made scouting and preparing ten times easier. It made scouting so much easier and efficient. The organization and reports that it creates are great. The program is easy to use and I wish I had this type of program 10 years ago! Thanks Digital Scout!

Aaronn Castro, Head Football Coach Palisades High School, Pacific Palisades, CA

Digital Scout was very useful for our coaching staff. It was easy for us to evaluate our players and their stats as well as helping us prepare for other teams based on their players' stats. It was very nice to be able to go to the website and collect stats at our convenience.

Kelly Kalina, Head Football Coach Fargo North High School, Fargo, ND

The big advantage is saving time. Digital Scout Football is the simplest, but most effective system that I have used in my 24 years of coaching.

Mike Sneed, Head Football Coach Weatherford High School, Weatherford, TX

We have used Digital Scout for the last five years. It is user-friendly and improves in quality and ease every year. Digital Scout Football makes it easy to report stats to all of the media sources, saving us a ton of time and effort.

Jayson West, Head Football Coach Lawrence Central High School, Indianapolis, IN


Digital Scout helped us with Game management — having the stats available during the game was valuable to use in all situations. We feel it gave an edge and assisted us in winning the NYS Class A Federation State Championship. Thanks, Digital Scout, for helping our program reach one of its season goals.

Brian Fruscio, Varsity Basketball Coach The Albany Academy, NY

I'd like to thank you for Digital Scout Basketball. We've used it the past five years and it has had a tremendous effect on the success of our basketball program. During this time span we have qualified for the State Tournament four straight years with one Final Four appearance and was instrumental in us winning our school's first ever State Championship. Thanks so much for a wonderful, coach-friendly program that every school should be using.

Jerod Squires, Head Boys Basketball Coach/Athletic Director Wonderview High School, Arkansas

Digital Scout allowed our coaching staff access to real-time stats at any given moment during our season. The program not only helped with preparation and scouting of opponents, but also helped determine necessary in-game adjustments, especially during the state tournament. Its stat reports are easy to use and extremely valuable in providing a baseline for practice preparation and planning.

Chad Schwebke, Asst. Boys Basketball Coach Rockford Christian, Rockford, IL

I have used Digital Scout for several years. It is so valuable that it was the very first purchase I made at my last two jobs! My current job is a brand new school, using Digital Scout Basketball will allow me to accurately keep up with very detailed all time team and individual statistics. The detailed information you gain on your team and your opponent is extremely helpful! The most affordable and easy to use product out there. I highly recommend Digital Scout!

Mike Buck, Head Basketball Coach Stone Memorial High School, Crossville, TN

Using Digital Scout was great! It was so nice after our games to sync the iPad to the Digital Scout website and email the game statistics in PDF format to the local media outlets. It saved our coaching staff time and effort. We will definitely be using it again next year.

Dan Shultis, Head Boys Basketball Coach Fargo North High School, Fargo, ND

Digital Scout Basketball has been a great tool for our program! It is very user-friendly and gives you up-to-the-minute stats. We are very happy with Digital Scout and I highly recommend it!

Pat Welby, Boys Head Basketball Coach Liberty High School, Las Vegas, NV


With the charting feature, I can show my players whom to watch out for and where the majority of their shots are going. It helps us counter their every move.

Jay Hosack, Head Volleyball Coach University of California Santa Cruz

Digital Scout Volleyball was instrumental in developing our game plan during Nationals. We were able to scout teams in our pool and discover their attack and serving tendencies.

Pat Meinert, Head Coach Rockford Volleyball, Rockford, IL


The Eastern Dakota Conference has moved to using Digital Scout for their statistics for both football and basketball for all of the teams in the conference. As the webmaster for the EDC, I believe using the same statistical software for all of the football and basketball teams has made doing conference comparative statistics so easy. Digital Scout has also been a lifesaver for our Metro Area Tournament committee. We have used Digital Scout software for the North Dakota High School Dakota Bowl Football Championships, North Dakota High School State Volleyball Championships, and the North Dakota High School Super A Boys' & Girls' State Basketball Championships. Being able to use an iPad to input statistics has been awesome! No more using a mouse, no more falling behind the action, leading to more accurate statistics. Providing real-time game action has brought more visitors to our tournament website. Setting up tournament games and linking to the game action was simple.

Jerry Schneider Eastern Dakota Conference, Fargo, ND